Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

When purchasing any products offered by CHUA, the customer acknowledges and agrees that all the terms and conditions set forth in the following General Contractual Conditions shall apply there of.

Reseller Conditions

When you purchase from CHUA you agree to the terms and conditions of payment.
The order is only confirmed after the payment of adjudication made 30 days after the order placed. If the order for any situation has the need to cancel the order has up to 15 days after the payment of adjudication to carry them out. If done after this period a fee of 50% will be charged over the total value of the order.
Upon receiving the order the reseller will have up to 14 days to report any problem with the product. In this case, to define how you will proceed you should contact us by email orders@chua.pt


The product description, image and any other information displayed on the CHUA.PT site may change without any prior notice. The images that illustrate each product may differ from the delivered product. CHUA does not assume liability for any typographical or arithmetic errors that may appear in its site.


The supply of products on the CHUA.PT site is always subject to the possibility that they may be out of stock.


For payment, the customer may make a bank transfer to CHUA’ bank account indicated on this site or use the PayPal universal payment system.

Execution of the contract

In general, CHUA will execute the contract within five working days, counted from the purchase made via the CHUA.PT site. Orders will be processed by order of arrival. In the event that any item is temporarily, or permanently, out of stock, the customer will be duly notified, with a suggestion of an alternative of other products with similar characteristics.

Taxes and Duties

The customer will be liable for payment of any taxes or duties, inherent to importation of articles to his country


Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer in his purchase via the CHUA.PT site. If the carrier is unable to make the delivery, due to the absence of a person to receive the products at the indicated address, or if it is found that the address is incomplete or incorrect, CHUA will send the customer an email, to the electronic address indicated by him at the time of his purchase, in order to try to deliver the item. The customer will have a 48-hour deadline to respond to this email, and provide information on the dates and times when the delivery may be made, as well as indicate the correct address, if appropriate. The carrier will then make a new and final attempt at delivery. After expiry of this deadline, without the customer replying to CHUA, or if the new delivery attempt is unsuccessful, conducted in accordance with the terms indicated by the customer in his reply to CHUA’ email, the merchandise will be returned to CHUA. Thenceforth there will be a freight charge if the customer wants to receive the order.

Reception of Products

Upon delivery, the customer must immediately examine the Products that have been sent by CHUA, in relation to purchases made via the CHUA.PT site.

Right of Termination

The customer will be legally entitled to a 14-day deadline, after receipt of the purchased product, in order to terminate the contract, without penalty and without the need to provide any reason. This must be achieved by registered letter with recorded delivery, sent to CHUA at its indicated address. In order to exercise his right, the customer must keep the purchased products, in order to return them to CHUA in due conditions of use, and must return them within 30 days after their delivery. If the customer has promptly and correctly exercised his right to terminate the contract, and has returned the products within the stipulated deadline and the products satisfy the legally required conditions, CHUA will refund the amount received from the customer, without any cost to the latter, except for any costs directly arising from return of the product, if it has not been claimed by the customer.


If the customer detects any product defects or damages, he shall notify CHUA, within 14 days after receipt of the goods, by registered letter with recorded delivery, sent to CHUA’ indicated address, explaining clearly, and in detail, the reason for the complaint. In order to be accepted, product complaints must be received by CHUA within 30 days after their receipt by the customer and in appropriate conditions (including the original packaging). If the complaint meets the necessary conditions to be accepted, CHUA undertakes to exchange the product for another identical item, as quickly as possible or, where this is not possible, to the refund the amount received to the customer.

Force Majeure Events

CHUA shall not assume liability for contractual changes and any damages arising there of, which result from force majeure events, such as telecommunications breakdowns, natural disasters, blockages of means of transport, strikes, as well as any legislative or regulatory changes, that make it wholly or partly impossible to supply the services foreseen in these general conditions.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The legal provisions of Portuguese law will apply on a subsidiary basis to the contractual relations that are implemented via the CHUA.PT site, and the Portuguese.

Final Provisions

If one or more provisions of these General Contractual Conditions is/are declared to be void, the remainder of the provisions shall continue to apply.